Infrastructure can’t wait; Robron can

How can 125 people influence the Telus tower when the Robron project is given the green light after taxpayers turned down a referendum?

My husband and I do not remember ever voting on a referendum on the Robron project. When was this supposed referendum?

We understand that 125 people signed a petition opposing the Telus tower in Willow Point and council wouldn’t give the go ahead to Telus.  How can 125 people influence the Telus tower when the Robron project is given the green light, apparently after taxpayers turned down a referendum?

We agree with Marina Mactavish’s letter on this subject.  Infrastructure CAN’T wait but Robron CAN.  If you don’t have the money, don’t borrow for yet another playing field.  We can’t properly look after the venues we presently have, why borrow over $4 million for yet another one?  Not to mention the artifical turf.  There are now only 2  major league baseball fields left with artifical turf because of injuries to players.

Why do these four  regularly vote against what the Mayor and other two councillors want?  This should be a cohesive group with the taxpayers’ best interests being one of the most important.

I hope the newly appointed municipal auditor takes note.

Judy A. Campbell

Editor’s note: The Robron referendum was held in 2008 as part of the events centre vote and the municipal election.