Impossible to keep every street clear of snow all the time


In regards to Mr. Wynd’s letter in the Dec. 29 edition, my experience is totally opposite towards the City of Campbell River.

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Last night we had a snowfall that was one of the heaviest I’ve experienced in the 22 years I’ve lived in this city. Not only was it a lot of snow but it was also heavy snow. The plows made their run on the opposite side of our road early in the morning and I was dreading the work when they would make the pass on our side of the street as there would be a large windrow to clear.

My neighbour and I were out shoveling our driveway when along came the plow truck. The driver stopped changed the angle of the plow and moved the snow from the front of our driveways so that there was no windrow to remove. While my neighbour is still a young guy, I am close to 80 in age and not as strong as I used to be. The consideration this driver showed us is an example of the type of people we have working in our community.

I spent many years living in snow areas and even with a large snow clearing team it is impossible to keep every street clear of snow all the time. When you live in Canada that’s just a fact of life.

As for tax increases, I don’t mind paying if I get the services that benefits us all, including those who are less fortunate then me.

To the city staff and our elected leaders, keep up the good work.

John Bell

Campbell River

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