ICBC scammer offers up public apology

Campbell River man goes through Restorative Justice after filling a false insurance claim

To members of the community,

My name is Jason, recently I made a bad decision, and lied to ICBC. I lent my vehicle to an unlicensed driver, for a short drive to the repair shop. Along the way an accident occurred. Because the driver was unlicensed, and the accident was a minor, I asked a friend who is a licensed driver, to falsely report she was driving. Lying to ICBC was a bad decision. I am hoping that this letter, will prevent someone else in this situation, from making the same mistake.

I wrongfully involved my friend, the ICBC claims representative, and the ICBC Investigator, in a situation that should never have happened. I feel terrible about this false claim, the time ICBC had to put into it, the effect on my friends, and the stress I caused myself. I teach my children to be honest, and I regret the dishonesty I demonstrated. Hours of valuable time was spent by ICBC, investigating, before I decided to tell the truth. The Investigator drove twice to Campbell River, from Naniamo to meet with us during this time. I am sure there are much better ways to utilize his time. I knew it was wrong, I felt awful and edgy all the time.

As well, the driver and my friend lost sleep, and felt sick for misleading ICBC. In the end, this minor accident could have been resolved simply, by just telling the truth immediately, and not wasting everyone=s time. The outcome would have been similar, in a much simpler way.

I was lucky to have only damages to pay for, instead of additional criminal charges as well. My friends and I went through the Restorative Justice Program, and are working to make this situation right. They are volunteering in the community, and I am making this public apology. I would never take this route again, I strongly recommend to others, to tell the truth and to consider the consequences of telling a lie before you do it.

Jason Allen

(Editor’s note: Jason Allen wrote this letter of apology after going through the Restorative Justice Program)