I don’t agree with limiting the use of shipping containers

People with larger properties should be able to put a container out of sight and make use of them conservatively

Further to reading the article in the July 5, 2013 newspaper with regards to the City of Campbell River cracking down on the use of shipping containers, I agree on limited use of shipping containers on smaller residential properties but when it comes to properties of ¾ of an acre or more I certainly do not agree.

People with larger properties should be able to put a container out of sight and make use of them conservatively.  What really concerns me is that there are some people who will want to make homes or smaller residences out of containers.

I’ve visited and viewed in Victoria, BC a container residence which was extremely nice and very affordable to make.

It would have had to go through proper channels of building permits, engineering, electrical, etc.  It looks like to me that Campbell River will lose this opportunity for more affordable housing.

As always the commercial or business properties in Campbell River will have to take the brunt of the financial end.

Campbell River is far from being back on its feet business wise and now getting hit with this.

One thing for sure higher property taxes being doled out each year along with taking away our privileges at the same time, a double whammy for sure.

Maybe if getting building permits didn’t take so long and  the expenses and the amount of hoops you are required to jump through to get one and very high Development Cost charges (DCC’s) lowered then there would be less containers being used.

Maybe the thought should be much like the home based businesses, where eventually they’ll want to work out of commercial space instead of their home.

If commercial is left alone, eventually they’ll want an addition or a totally new larger building.

Businesses have enough of a day to day struggle.

Why not offer help instead of hindering them. Aren’t there enough empty commercial spaces in Campbell River?

When it comes to Industrial properties they won’t be able to stack containers more than one high,  yet in Vancouver on the Industrial properties they stack them eight high.

How ridiculous as they should be at least a minimum of two or three high.

Now let’s talk about public area zonings.  All of the above zonings can’t use containers or they have restrictions but no mention of Public Areas at all.

Public areas would be the City Hall, schools, ice arena, public works yard, RCMP, etc.  I guess it’s OK for them to have containers but not you.

Maybe the City of Campbell River should spend more time looking around town at vehicles with no wheels, campers or commercial type trailers being used for who knows what or the temporary shelters around, some of them look awful.

If you’re concerned about losing some of your privileges, I’d suggest you voice your opinion at the Public Hearing prior to 6:30 p.m., Tuesday July 23, 2013 at City Hall.

Ted Arbour

Campbell River