I believe the school system is broken beyond repair

Re: Campbell River Board of Education public meeting shut down by anti-SOGI protesters, March 13

Just for the record it was “I”, not Chris McCay, that initially interrupted the SD72 School Board of Trustees meeting March 10th. I find it very interesting that none of the public releases about the meeting mentioned my complaint, though I was interviewed by one of them. They want to put the blame only on Chris McCay and consistently try to portray that no parents are complaining about SOGI 123. I was frustrated that no one from the board office had returned my call about my concerns. Then I am informed I can’t speak that night. To be honest I have little faith they are listening at all.

It is sad to see the slow large changes in our collective virtue. Yet with the implication of SOGI 123 another stake is plunged into the collective heart of decency. This sexual social engineering doctrine that the queer radicals has subjected into the public school system has the full backing of our School Trustee’s, Teachers, and most probably many Politicians. Little or no thought has been given to the practical application and its ramifications. I will now share with you two stories of my own grandchildren.

Last year my granddaughter was in kindergarten at Penfield School. She came home remarking that someone at school told her she could be a boy. She appeared confused and her mother was upset that anyone suggested such. She said it was not her teacher but it was never clear who said it.

The second story was one of my grandson also attending Penfield School last year. He observed the other grade 5 class go to the gym. Curious what was happening, he peaked in through the gym door. He told his parents that evening the boys were putting on girls’ clothing and the girls putting on boys clothing. It appeared more boys were putting on the girls’ clothing at the time of his observation.

For this family this was a tipping point after many issues, and failings, within the public school system. They had taken up other issues to the principal in the past, but received little satisfaction. Though they labored hard on the decision, they decided to home school this year. This has been both a trying but satisfying experience, but over time the more challenging curriculum is paying dividends.

I wish to comment on the recent statement by the school board that they have a financial short fall that was contributed by an enrollment decrease. Though some of this decrease can be explained by people moving, I suggest another reason. Like my children are doing, other people are looking to separate charter schools, or home schooling. In recent years, both of their numbers have gone up.

Over the last 30 years, as our society is becoming increasingly socialist and secular so has the school system followed, with a precipitated decline in standards and consistency. Most of those in the system know nothing else but the status quo. I believe the school system is broken beyond repair. If you disagree, and you are truly the free thinkers (as socialist say they are), let people of faith (or conservative outlook) have their taxes that are allocated for education, be fully allocated for separate schools.

Michael Barry