Hypocritical Wi-Fi decision

Shaw service and Dogwood tower okay but Telus cell tower isn’t

OK. Now I’m really confused.

The city has denied Telus the opportunity to place a cell phone tower in Willow Point park. I have been told by the mayor and at least two councillors that their decision was based solely on the 120-name petition against the proposal based on the perceived problems of RF emissions.

Apparently not one person spoke up favouring the proposal, yet I know phone usage continues to be a major problem in central Campbell River.

The other reason was the objection by another councillor over the prospect of commercializing city property, in this case a park.

I see now that they think it’s a great idea to allow Shaw to place 92 different Wi-Fi access points throughout the city using city infrastructure and accepted a $18,400 fee for allowing it. Apparently, they’ve also done a study and determined that RF levels from these 92 terminals are well below Canadian and International safety limits. (From a Health Canada report)

Here’s a quote from Health Canada regarding emissions from cell phone towers:

“RF energy (sometimes called RF emissions, RF waves, or RF fields) is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum, which includes microwave radiation, visible light and X-rays.

Health concerns are sometimes expressed by people who live or work near cell phone tower antennas located on towers, poles, water tanks or rooftops.

Yet, the consensus of the scientific community is that RF energy from cell phone towers is too low to cause adverse health effects in humans. In fact, RF exposures from cell phone towers are typically well below Health Canada’s exposure standards.”

To summarize: Apparently it’s now OK to use city infrastructure and accept a fee from Shaw to provide this service, and all of a sudden RF emissions are not a problem.

Let’s carry this a little farther.

The large tower on Dogwood at Merecroft is owned by the North Island 911 Corporation. It’s on city property and was placed to allow the city to contract fire dispatch to the 911 Corp for the North Island, from our Campbell River fire department. No problem here as it’s a very necessary service.

However, it seems that other services are on that tower including at least two transmitters (different frequencies) for Rogers to provide cell phone service.

I’m sure they are paying either the city or 911 Corp. a fee for allowing them to be there. So now the city is accepting remuneration from Shaw and Rogers, either directly or indirectly, so those companies can provide Wi-Fi and cellular services from city support structures. Telus was denied.

Seems a little hypocritical.

This tower is within 500 meters of the Christian School, two hockey rinks and a public swimming pool, Pinecrest Elementary and park, the Christian Life Children’s Centre, Robron field and a major shopping centre.

Oh, let’s not forget the forestry staff, the city workers and the RCMP staff. Where was the public consultation process when all this was allowed?

So please folks, if you are tired of dropped calls, missed calls, one way transmissions and want cell service south of Merecroft improved please let the city know and ask them to reverse their objection to the Telus proposal or email me at crprocell13@gmail.com .

Stan Cook

Campbell River