Human rights include the rights of women to control their own bodies

There are two groups that I have no fear of rebuking.

One is the climate deniers and the other are religious people trying to interfere with our secular laws and the human rights. Case in point of those that cannot mind their own business is the letter by Christian McCay and his pro-life group.

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Human rights include the rights of women to control their own bodies and when, or if, they want to carry fetuses’ full term. Otherwise women are forced back into the dark ages where they were mere chattel, breeding stock if you well. What is so hard for pro-lifers to understand that most Canadians do not want the abortion debate opened again? Our laws are not based on scripture, McCay, and thank goodness for that, too.

By the way, Mr. McCay, as 40 percent of fetuses are spontaneously aborted often without the women even knowing that they were pregnant, does that make your god a baby killer as you imply doctors providing legal procedures are? The argument about late-term abortions is for the most part bogus and only done in extreme and rare cases to save the life of the mother. It is not the smoking gun that you seem to think it is in order to support your confirmation bias that you are on the right side of the argument.

Did I just say argument? There is no argument since women have rights which trump religious twaddle.

And while it is only slightly off topic, perhaps Mr. McCay might like to inform us of all the evolution stages that the fetus exhibits which links humanity to every living thing on this planet which shows that we are not god’s unique creations.

We are the creation of evolution and natural selection. That the fetuses in its early stages has eyes on either side of its head and gills which link us to fish. That we have tails and muscle development in our limbs which link us to reptiles. Our common ancestor came from the primordial soup, not the Book of Genesis.

Robert T. Rock

Mission City, B.C.

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