How dare people use our flag as a protest symbol – letter


On Feb. 15, 1965, the day our maple leaf flag was raised for the first time, it gave us a proud symbol to be under as Canadians.

Under this flag, we have lost men and women protecting the rights of people in Canada and around the world, we have drawn together as Canadians to support our athletes, we have honored the achievements of Canadians like terry Fox and we have suffered with the First Nations and minority groups as under this flag as Canadians we attempted to right the wrongs of past and present.

How dare people use this flag as a protest symbol!

As Canadians, under our flag, you have the right to protest. Do not insult Canada by using our flag to vent.

I, as most Canadians, do not like everything about Canada but I still love Canada.

Canada is our child and we all have our thoughts on how it should be raised. If our child makes a mistake in my eyes, I hope in my protest I do not offed a large portion of my fellow Canadians.

When I fly the flag today and on July 1st, you can rest assured it is strictly for the pride and love of Canada.

Terry Kratzmann

Campbell River

Campbell River

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