How can you in good conscience promote fossil fuels?

Why are you acting so ignorant of the new state of the world?

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Mr. Prime Minister, Madam Premiers of B.C. and Alberta,

From an article in this week’s local paper:

“For decades climatologists have been documenting a warming planet, the tremors that are dismissed as nothing unusual. As greenhouse gas emissions ominously rise, so do temperatures. Meanwhile, governments ineptly fiddle with ineffective regulations, earnest promises are regularly broken, reduction targets are routinely lowered, and corrective legal agreements are abandoned as being too onerous to implement.

Rising levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide are creating a plethora of problems, from extreme weather and ocean acidification to species loss, political instability, food insecurity, property damage and human suffering. All these problems are slated to get worse on a warmer planet.”

The climate science was certain enough by 1992 that the U.N. members created an international agreement to reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions.  That was over 20 years ago!

How can you, in good conscience, still sell and promote fossil fuel resources – oil, coal or gas?

Why are you acting so ignorant of the new state of the World?  It is perplexing!  How can you do this to your own citizens? How can you do this to the citizens of the world?

No economic development is worth the sacrifice of the very basis of human happiness and well-being, a healthy planet with a safe, stable climate.

I am begging you to come to your senses!  Promote Alternative Energies for sustainable 21st century economic development and ecological sanity!

Catherine Slater

Quadra Island

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