Hospital another ferry fiasco

I can honestly say, without a doubt, that our own Campbell River doctors and nurses are superior to all

I have had to go to our local hospital a few times, both as an out-patient and an in-patient.

I have also been to Nanaimo and Victoria for medical treatment. I can honestly say, without a doubt, that our own Campbell River doctors and nurses are superior to all. I would gladly put my life in their hands anytime. The value of these hardworking people to the people of Campbell River is priceless. Their working conditions are inadequate. They deserve better, much better. My biggest fear is that we will lose some of these wonderful dedicated professional  people because of VIHA.

I was surprised to read that there were offers of donations of properties for the new hospital. VIHA turned them down. Their reason for this was…it would cost too much to service these properties. I can’t help wondering how much it will cost to tear down our existing hospital and build a multi-tier parkade instead. Why can’t we keep our existing hospital and use it for a longterm care facility? Can anyone imagine what it is going to be like when construction begins? The doctors say that a good part of the hospital will have to be closed off. There will be very little parking available, if any at all. The noise, the dust and dirt, not to even mention the ambulances trying to get into the emergency area. It is ludicrous to think this is all going to work out fine and we will still have all the same medical professionals working on our behalf.

Our new hospital is to have 95 beds according to VIHA. There are 98 beds being used right now, in rooms, hallways or whatever space they can find. There is no room on this site for expansion in the coming years. It sounds like we have lost the autopsy theatre because of lack of space. This will mean that we will have to pay to have our deceased loved ones sent to Comox for this service.

P3 sounds to me like the way the BC ferries are run. The taxpayer foots the bill for any repairs and upgrades etc., while the private company scrimps any way they can in order to make a profit for themselves instead of putting it back into the operation of the ferries.

Is there anyone out there that can come up with an idea on how we can stop VIHA from going ahead with their dictated plans? Plans that we will be unable to change once constuction starts. Could we take up donations to have the services put in on one of the properties offered? We do not have much time left before it is too late.

Like the Specialists say “Speak up now.”

Joy Shuster

Campbell River

Editor’s Note: In an advertisement in the Feb. 15 Mirror, VIHA disputes a number of the points in this letter. For their point of view, visit and search North Island Hospitals Project.