Hopefully, there will be someone who listens to the people of B.C.

My encyclopedia defines a dictatorship as a form of government in which power is held by a dictator without effective constitutional checks.

It also defines a dictator as someone who acts like a petty tyrant.  It also defines a democracy as a social equality.  I believe democracy is a duly elected government, governs to the benefit of the people – respecting the environment – managing our natural resources to the benefit of everyone.

The government, in power today caters to large corporations giving our natural resources away for less than 30 per cent of their real value. Clearcutting our forests for big dollars today and not caring if the wind tunnels created blowing down millions of trees which in turn are not harvested damages the environment which will take at least a hundred years to recover.

Also Crown corporations which are owned by the people of B.C. do not answer to the people of B.C. Why?

Hopefully, there will be someone in the next election to vote for who will listen to the people of B.C. and maybe we still wont have the second highest rate of poverty in Canada as it now stands.

Walter Crombie