Heroes & Zeroes

Heroes and Zeroes submissions for this week from the community

HEROES-We would like to thank Jim Chisholm and the Campbell River Arts Council for the music therapy program they provide at the Campbell River hospital.

Since our Dad was hospitalized three months ago, Jim would come and sing for him and other patients.  He took the time to learn our Dad’s favourite song, “The Gambler.”

On the day our Dad passed, Jim popped in and performed that song one last time for him and our family.

We appreciate you giving us a special memory, Jim.

-Cindy Hildebrand on behalf of Joe Paller’s Family


HEROES-We are writing on behalf of Mrs. Sawyer’s and Mrs. Stewart’s classes.

We would like to give a big shout out to Tom, Marlene, Norm and Tom at Campbell River Museum for helping out us Gators and other schools too.

Thank you for teaching us how to build First Nations knife/hand axes.

It was really cool to see all the old artifacts from prehistoric times and we also really liked the slideshow you guys put together for us!

You guys really know your stuff!

-Anja, Emily and Rhylee


HEROES- To city council for extending the Yard Waste Program into November, saving many litres of gas used to haul yard waste in our cars and saving our backs as we lift the bags into the trunk of the car.

Not to mention citizens who don’t have a car.

-John Peter


HEROES-Thank you to the phenomenal people of Campbell River for their generosity and support through the tragic loss of our son Cole.

We received many cards, phone calls, flowers, food, and donations to our son’s Ski Bursary. A special thank you to the Campbell River Indian Band, Campbell River Indian Band Recreation, KDC Health, Altrusa Club, and our friends and family for their hard work and support in making our son’s celebration of life so special.

This community is amazing and we are truly blessed to live here.

Terry, Michele, and Nicola Anderson, Brian and Sheila Dickson


HEROES-To all of the fantastic students who have come and helped out around Rose Harbour.

Each one of you have taken an active interest in our program and ask such insightful questions; our children enjoyed their time with you, and our yard looks fantastic! We are so thankful for all that you have done.  You are our next generation of adults, and Campbell River is a very lucky to have you!

Valery Puetz

Executive Director

Campbell River and North Island Transition Society


HEROES-To all the heroes who donated to the Heart and Stroke Foundation this year again. It was a success. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Have a great summer.

Bea Duquette


HEROES-To the volunteers who took the time to help the Timberline P.E. students learn about the wonderful game of curling.

Thank you again to: Michelle Mathew, Kevin May, Tom and Yvette Green, Larry Taylor, Gary Epp, Gerry Labbe, Don Pennell, Paul Mansueto, Bob Tonkin, Mark Taylor, Ross Campbell, Ken Dawson and Graeme Boyd. Thanks from the Timberline P.E. staff.

Suzanne Berg


ZEROS-I would like to send zeros to all the drivers in our community who disregard emergency vehicles, even when their lights are flashing and the sirens are on. Please move to the side of the road.

It could be your property or your family member or friend they are trying to rescue.