Heroes and Zeros

Campbell River Mirror readers let fly over who pleased them...and those who did not!

HEROES: A big thank you to the joggers who went out of their way to save my crazy dog on July 12. My small black chihuahua chased a deer across the highway, from the Vista Del Mar Motel, when we were coming off the beach. I’m sorry for the way she barked at you but I am so very grateful for you running out into traffic after her. You helped save my little dog from being flattened. Thank you so much, heroes!

Johannah Andersen

ZEROS: To the person or persons who removed the “bumble bee” from the yard on Colorado Road, would you please be so kind as to bring it back to where it belongs. He left the yard once before and was found at the police station. Let’s hope this time he can just be put back in the yard for the owners, their grandchildren and great grandchildren to enjoy. All I can say is do you not have anything better to do with your time? Let’s all hope the bee returns. Now, onto another topic, what is city hall thinking with the mess that is growing below the “Welcome to Campbell River” sign on the Island Highway and Jubilee Parkway? We want to project that Campbell River is a beautiful community to live in (which it is) and welcome people to move here, and this is what they see as they drive in? It used to be so beautiful with flowers and well-kept. Is this part of the cutbacks? We are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful part of the world and yet we seem to fall short sometimes with the way the “Powers That Be” allocates funds. Hey wait a minute, maybe the person who stole the “Bee” could come and do that clean up; they, he, she, seems to have lots of time on their hands. Please city hall, can you do something to make our welcome sign beautiful again?

Taxpayer and bee advocate, Lynn Michaluk

HEROES: I would like to thank all the good people who rallied around  to help me after a bad fall. I was heading for home after walking my dog, and I tripped and hit my head on the sidewalk. I’m not sure how many people came to help me, so, whoever you are, thank you so much, and a very special thanks for the couple who took my little dog to my home, complete strangers, so thoughtful, so kind. I am so grateful.

Violet Campbell

ZERO: Sidewalks of zeroes to the city of Campbell river for feeling the need to waste huge amounts of money to put in sidewalks on and around Fairmile Road that were not needed! This is not downtown or in an area needing official sidewalks! If you have extra money invest it in something important like the food bank!

Heidi Stevens

HEROES: I found myself in a bad place recently; no money and a flat tire. Well there is good people over at the Willow Point OK Tire, let me tell you. The fellow Jason, I believe his name is, fixed it right away and told me there was no charge – talk about great customer service. Thank-you Ok Tire and that very kind man from the bed and breakfast who was on his way fishing who recommended them to me. What a good bunch over there in Campbell River South. I am truly grateful. I will be going to Campbell River more as the people are way nicer,

Alice Knott, Black Creek

HERO: Great big bus load thanks to city bus driver Al who went out of his way to get us to and from our school field trip. It’s not every day that you get such great service. We had the best day ever. Georgia Park Kindergartens, their teachers and parent volunteers

HERO: I was lucky enough to win a gift certificate for Kyla’s Cakes at the Stereo Fitness silent auction. I used it for my daughter’s birthdays last week. We usually can’t buy cakes as we all have peanut/nut allergies. Kyla was fantastic, she made sure it was a nut-free cake. The cake was so delicious.

Deanna Kowalko