Headless sea lion offends

That’s absolutely disgusting, unprofessional, and sick

Whose bright idea was it to put a big, glaring photo of mutilated wildlife on the front page for everyone to lose their lunch over?

That’s absolutely disgusting, unprofessional, and sick. How many kids get to stare at that and start crying?  know my two nieces did, and so did my wife, an avid animal lover.

You clowns have pulled some stupid stunts with your little hick newspaper over the years, but this takes the cake. I’ll be contacting your newspaper first thing Monday morning to make sure this classless smut isn’t delivered to my house any longer, as well as petitioning my employer to pull our advertising.

I’ll also be filing a complaint with your parent companies and whatever agencies govern your publication.

I’d advise you to go “back” to journalism school to learn about what is considered tasteless material for public consumption, but clearly you never went to begin with. Headless wildlife is disturbing and has no place on the front page, and what’s more shocking is that you need to have that fact explained to you.

John Hutchinson

Campbell River