Haig-Browns say thanks

It was a time of memories: thinking about what we learned from our parents

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to the people who planned, arranged and facilitated the events of the weekend of Sept. 29 and 30.

From the time we gathered at Haig-Brown House on Friday afternoon until we tearfully left on Sunday we had a magic time.

It was a time of memories: thinking about what we learned from our parents, writing about it, talking about it and staying in the house we grew up in and all the while creating new memories.

None of this would be worth much if it were not for the people of Campbell River who invited us and who have worked to make our childhood home so warm and vibrant.

The people we chatted with at the Museum on Saturday evening, the people at the opening of Baikie Island Nature Reserve, and the people who came to the Festival on Sunday are our community in Campbell River, and we thank them for being that.

We also thank Sandra Parrish of the Museum at Campbell River, Ken Blackburn of the Community Arts Council, David Brown of the Haig-Brown Institute and Catherine MacLeod of HB House who left the fridge so well stocked.

We have now gone our separate ways, back to our separate lives, but we have vowed to gather again soon.  Thank you, Campbell River.


Valerie, Mary, Alan and Celia Haig-Brown