Great writing equals great riding

I am passionate about a bunch of things, but two things that really stand out are riding and writing.

I’m not sure if I am any good at either of these, but I love them both and enjoy any time I get out for a pedal, which often inspires my writing.

The reason this is on my mind is a recent experience we were lucky enough to be involved in. A local elementary school participated in a province wide program offered by Doctors of B.C. (see story and picture on page 78).

The program was developed to get young people off the couch and involved in outdoor activity. Swicked was invited to participate this year because the activity being promoted is cycling.

It’s a great program and effective because it involves the kids by not just preaching to them, but including them in the process and encouraging them to live a little healthier and ride a bit more. There was also a province wide writing contest this year that asked, “How does cycling improve your life?”

One local girl submitted her entry and impressed the judges by not only explaining how cycling improves her life, but how she will improve her families life with cycling as well. Of all the entries from around B.C., Ariana’s was chosen as the best submission and she won a brand new Rocky Mountain Edge mountain bike. She was pretty calm at the presentation, but later as she was riding around her neighbourhood, her excitement was obvious. She even went to the trouble to write a thank you card and deliver it to us at the shop. Her level of appreciation was touching.

It was awesome to see such a young group of students with strong writing skills and a passion for riding, and extra special to see Ariana rewarded for her passion with something she can use for years to come.

Thanks to Doctors of B.C. and congratulations to Ariana, Great job!

I’m James Durand and I’m Goin’ Ridin’.