The headlines in the local newspapers lately are just staggering:

1.  13.1 per cent tax hike discussed

2.  Still no word on the “fix” for 19A bottleneck

3.  City looks at downtown – Willow Pt. Trolley

Is every member of City Hall, (staff and council) not thinking clearly or what?

n 13.1 per cent tax hike – anything over the inflation rate of 2-3 per cent at the worst is just ludicrous.  Start cutting not yesterday but the day before.

n 19A Bottleneck – Put the bottleneck in, take the bottleneck out, then put it back in hopefully one last time.  At a cost of two extra times to many.  I would have liked to of seen that money spent on the Northern Entrance, “just once – Campbellton.”  Yes Neglected Campbellton.

n Downtown-Willow Pt. Trolley – If we’re going to squander money again, why is it that Campbellton is not in this loop?  It is one straight shot north/south covering the two main entrances with very little extra cost.

As mentioned in the Friday March 18 article,  maybe “City Council” would tell “The City Manager” to tell “The Director of Operations” to tell “The Transport Manager” to tell “The Traffic Specialist and Staff” to fix all of the above.  Maybe we should cut out some of the staff, cut, cut and cut again. In closing, I would like to say to any person of good sound mind and of course a mind of their own that is seriously running for council this November that I will be around for support.

Ted Arbour

Campbell River