Good deeds galore!

Spin My Ride with James Durand

Last week I wrote about great trail karma and how awesome our trail network has become because so many people chip in.

Since that time I have noticed even more positivity in the trails.

There is one trail that leads from Jubilee Parkway toward the Beaver Lodge trails. It was built a few years back and its a fast, twisty trail that not only serves as a connector, but is just a really fun ride. Having said that, there is one small creek crossing that has deteriorated so much that its not just a challenge any more, but quickly becoming a mud bog that many riders have to walk through.

I hit this connector trail last week as I was riding to work. I was anticipating the wet wood, flowing creek and large mud holes with a smile (I love a challenge), but I was surprised by a new bridge over the creek. Normally I hate to see trails dumbed down. My thinking is that there are lots of green trails, and certain trails should remain difficult to add variety and allow riders to progress. But in this situation, the bridge builder didn’t just solve the erosion issues, they made the bridge so it is still challenging to ride. Its a great improvement and the trail is still fast. twisty and loads of fun.

A little further on, where the next trail exits, there has been some construction and fence building. I was a little worried that this might impede the trail as construction sites like this rarely consider mountain bikers’ wants. Not only did this construction project not block the trail, but once the fence was completed they built a new path from the access road directly to the trail head, then proceeded to gravel it. Talk about going above and beyond.

I have no idea who is responsible for either of these good trail deeds, but I’m stoked to see the improvements, and if those responsible happen to be reading this…Nice Work!


I’m James Durand and I’m Goin’ Ridin’