Food Bank inspires poetry


The Campbell River Food Bank

You don’t have to kill a deer, or catch a fish, or milk a cow

Nor do you need, to plant a seed, or trudge behind a plow.

There’s just no need to steal a crust, beg butter from your friends.

You don’t have to suffer shame or fear, or debt that never ends.

You’re not required when sick and tired, to pray with pious folk

or be questioned without mercy about the reason that you’re broke.

I don’t believe in God, but I know that there are angels.

You can see them at the food bank three times every week.

They get no compensation, neither pay nor recognition

They are angels without wings, or halos, so to speak.

You’ll find them out there packing bags and filling boxes too

and help you take it to your car, if it looks too much for you

If you chanced to go inside, there’s other saints with love and pride,

who’ll customize a food cart just for you.

If four bags are not enough, they’ll even give you extra stuff

like milk and eggs, bananas, coffee and tofu.

There’s other angels packing food, making sure it’ll last you through

at least another week, for all the kids and you.

Cal Smith