Fletcher’s chutzpah amazes

Letters to the Editor

Re: Tom Fletcher’s column “Inconvenient Truths of Climate Change”, Dec. 4 2015.

I shudder at the willingness of Mr. Fletcher to ignore the findings of 97 per cent of the world’s climate scientists, cherry pick from the remaining three per cent, squeeze in a report from a scientist in the pay of the oil soaked Heartland Institute and generally imply that worry about climate change is wasted energy.

Wow! Now that’s chutzpah!

The reality is, that leaders from over 170 countries around the world met in Paris last week to commence planning on how to prevent run away, human induced climate change. To underestimate or downplay climate change is to ignore the risk of serious consequences.  Ask yourself, if your child was gravely ill and you sought advice from 100 doctors, and 97 of them gave you a detailed plan of recovery, but three said, “don’t worry, you don’t have to do anything, the kid is fine,” who would you go with? It’s your choice, but do you feel confident enough to risk it?

Tom Fletcher may like playing with fire, but shows little understanding of the risks involved.

Charley Vaughan

Black Creek