FISHING CORNER: Day use fishing areas being dumped on

Tent and garbage left at Echo Lake access area. Photo by Don Daniels

By Don Daniels

I have noticed that over the past few years, the easy to get to day-use areas for fishing are being abused by people who come in and camp and leave garbage all over and they leave a mess for someone to clean up.

These people ignore the signs posted around the entrance to the area and they have a blind eye for the fact it’s on private land owned by a logging company. They say, “We use to camp here and we are staying.”

Around Campbell River, there are countless lakes that have access to parking and they go fishing or swimming. Sqatters who pull in and outright set up camp are abusing the day-use areas and they simply move in, drop off their junk and leave. It kind of reminds me of the country music concerts that were held in Saskatchewan and Alberta when people moved in, set up tents, couches and basically lived there for a week and left all the garbage behind.

Spring break is over and now that the new fishing season is upon us, the warm weather will bring out the anglers and campers and the season will start to see people moving about and setting up camp and enjoying the fishing boating and beaching that is ahead of us.

Echo Lake got hit hard this week when someone set up a tent full of garbage and surrounding the tent was more garbage and no sign of anyone. A few of us who were fishing looked at the area in disgust and I still wonder who would leave a mess like that around. This parking area is just off the highway and maybe five vehicles can be parked and with the garbage dump, that number is down. A couple from Fanny Bay looked at the mess and mentioned maybe the area should be closed off but that would open a new can of worms. Last year, the pull off area to Snakehead Lake was dumped on and Beavertail gets some dumps of garbage as well.

This week, the newly stocked Fraser Valley rainbow trout were starting to surface and some dry fly caddis action can be had when the wind dies down. The best time is late evening when trout get into the shallows. You can fish from shore or fish from the dock area. The day-use area has a washroom facility, a few picnic tables and fire pits.

I am hearing reports of dollies being caught but I have to see it to believe it.

Fishing the lakes around Campbell River this time of year can be very good if you move around and find the right fishing depth and casting out lures like a Dick Nite Roostertail in blue or Panther Martin or Mepps spinners. If you can find a creek entrance or a rocky point, fish flies nymph patterns in a size 8 to 14 hook.

In a lake where there is a no bait ban. Worms and Power bait can be used. At the moment Buttle Lake water levels are low and it’s not advisable to use the boat launch. Upper elevation lakes are still iced over but warmer weather will change that.

Once the creek gets running at Roberts Lake, fish the south end. The fishing should pick up in weeks to come.

Last year’s fishing licenses have expired and before you head out to any lake, make sure you know the regulations, have a license and any items you take in, make sure you have a garbage bag and take out what you brought in.

At the fly tying session for beginners at the library, those who attended had a chance to play with materials and take home a few patterns that they can fish with this year. Dave Baker commented, “Very informative. Good to see different techniques” and Lori Weiman said, “Thank you for organizing this, excited to learn how to fly fish this year.”

Future date and time for the next fly tying session for beginners to be announced shortly. Next week Campbell River to Big Bay adventure on the water.