Ferry fares and The Worst Mayor in the World

OUT ON A LIMB: I have to say that I was surprised when I first heard that seniors got a free passage on the BC Ferries system

So, I see that the B.C. government is cancelling the free ferry rides for seniors.

I have to say that I was surprised when I first heard that seniors got a free passage on the BC Ferries system. It applies only to week-day travel and not on the busy weekend schedules. But free?

Well, not any more. It’s been cut to 50 per cent and, you know, as much as I’m all for assisting seniors any way we can, a free ride on the ferry seemed a bit generous. If seniors are in dire straights (pardon the pun), then other assistance programs can help them out but it’s a fallacy to think that all seniors are living hand-to-mouth.

Many (most?) current seniors have benefited from being probably the wealthiest generation to have ever lived on the planet, replete with the best salaries and retirement benefit packages humans have ever earned.

Even as a member of the boomer generation, myself, albeit the tail end of it, I probably won’t retire as well as the first wave of baby boomers have. So, 50 per cent off your ferry fare is probably, well, fair.

As for putting slot machines on the ferries, now we can put the reverse on our teenagers. Many a dad spent his Georgia Strait crossing by hanging around the onboard arcade on the ferries while his kids spent their money on the video games.

Now with a casino, will the kids be forced to hang around outside the casino doors while mom and dad get robbed twice by BC Ferries – once getting on board and then twice being milked by onboard gambling?

That’s always government’s panacea isn’t it? Put in slot machines so we can vacuum more money out of taxpayers. But its voluntary, of course. Not exactly what I’d call leadership.

Why don’t we put slot machines in hospitals, that would pay for them won’t it? Hey, instead of highway tolls, we could give one driver in five million the chance to strike it rich by having slot machines instead of toll booths.

n Meanwhile, can you stand any more about Toronto Mayor Rob Ford?

A common cliche in journalism is to use the term embattled as in “embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford” except in this case, I think it should be embattled Toronto voters having to put up with what has to be the Worst Mayor In The World.

How utterly delusional Ford must be to cling to the idea that he can continue to be mayor after admitting to using drugs, consorting with crack dealers and being so hammered he has no idea what he’s saying.

He obviously thinks all the controversy will blow over but it’s time this guy was given the big hook, except there’s no mechanism to impeach him. What an absolute embarrassment.

Torontonians can get full of themselves sometimes but even they don’t deserve that nitwit.

Nobody does.