Fair? No way!

I asked the health system, the Omdbudsman, and, in desperation, our MLA

Recently, I had occasion to take two ambulance trips to the hospital (a five-minute trip)  and didn’t pay the bill. I wanted to ask a few questions before I paid it ($160). Finally after several mail bills and a few phone messages I got the chance to ask a few questions.

After 60 years in the job market and, every year since retirement, paying my share of taxes I asked, the health system, the Omdbudsman, and in desperation our MLA. If I was a drug addict, and overdosed, there would be an ambulance there in no time so they could be back stealing. If some dimwit skis out of bounds (on purpose) they will have helicopters, search and rescue, Coast Guard, etc., to look after them. Finally we just spent $141,000 for cameras in our jail so we can keep robbers, rapists etc safe, so they can be safely back doing their evil deeds.

No answers! Just pay up or we will seize your bank accounts. Fair? Not even close.

T.M. Brewer

Campbell River