Emcon are true friends

Everyone should have such good neighbours who go beyond the call of duty

I am writing to acknowledge, with deep gratitude, the efforts that Emcon Services and their staff and Jim Abram, Strathcona Regional District Director, have made on behalf of the Outer Discovery Islands community.

They have once again established themselves as true friends of the people who live out here.

Approximately 250 people live in the outer islands area and many of us rely heavily on the Quadra Island road from Heriot Bay to the community dock at Surge Narrows.  Surge Road is truly a lifeline for us.

Much of that road is dirt and the terrain and elevation changes make it difficult to maintain. Winter storms can make it a particularly daunting and challenge at times. Over the years I have been continuously impressed by Emcon’s efforts to keep the road open and, in so doing, keep us connected to the outside world.  They are very good at what they do.

But this letter is prompted by something even better than exemplary service. Emcon has recently completed a section of road improvement that is especially important to us.

They fixed a steep and constantly eroding slope that comprises the last one hundred or so feet of access to the beach where we dock our boats when we come into town.

That hill was the most difficult portion of our entire journey and at times it is has been impassable for vehicles.

And traversing that last distance by foot means carrying heavy loads down steep, loose gravel – dangerous and extremely challenging, especially for those of us who are a little older.

But Emcon went the extra mile this time – literally.  They volunteered their manpower and equipment to fix this stretch of road that is not part of their contracted work.

Jim Abram and the Strathcona Regional District provided a grant to purchase the materials required. This effort went way beyond the call of duty.  Everyone should have such good neighbours.

How do we properly say thank you to a road crew?  One way is to do it publicly.

Thank you Geoff Battimelli for making this happen, Justin Burgers for seeing it to completion, Stu Travis for on-the-spot supervision along with Hugh and special thanks to all the members of the Emcon crew who did such a great job.

Extra special thanks to the “voice of the people,” Jim Abram, for advocating loudly and clearly for the Outer Islanders and to the Strathcona Regional District for their generous grant.

J. David Cox

Surge Narrows Community Association Road Committee designate