Elected office full time work

The public purse, however inadequate, is not a top-up for income

The vote that I exercise once every 3 – 4 years is worth the elected official’s full time commitment to their duties of office.

Anyone who thinks that they can perform to my expectations while simultaneously undertaking their responsibilities on behalf of all voters and running a business on the side is sorely mistaken, and clearly does not understand, and so sadly neglects, the obligations and opportunities of public service.

The public purse, however inadequate, is not a top-up for income derived from business on the side, property speculation, lobbying and consulting, all of which reveal clear conflicts-of-interest with the duties of office. When offering themselves to the electorate prospective candidates should make open public statements regarding their affiliations with organizations whose businesses depend upon or impact public policy, planning and finances. Investment portfolios should be placed in blind trusts managed by reputable professionals for the period of the term of office. Also, plans for setting aside or discontinuing the candidates? current businesses should be filed and disclosed if and when they are elected.

I urge all candidates in the upcoming municipal and regional district elections to make such commitments and disclosures. Those who do so will begin to earn my vote.

A voter with 50 years experience of the ballot box,

Malcolm Wilson

Campbell River