Dreaming of a fiscally responsible Campbell River city council

We already have lots of signs showing where everything is

It appears as though our city council assumes that we taxpayers have no right to a “say” when they choose to spend $600,000 on clearing up “confusion.”

Oh no! I’m confused! Where is the Campbell River Museum? Where is the Marine Heritage Centre? I’m lost!

Wait a minute, I just noticed a sign at the Campbell River Art Gallery. It is a very beautiful Spring Salmon that points South and “says” : Marine Heritage Centre 0.5 km and Campbell River Museum 1.4 km . The signs were made by Campbell River artists/sign businesses/ students and total tax expenditures to clear up “confusion” were less than $50,000 . Oops! I’m dreaming again that our city council became fiscally responsible and consulted their cash cow taxpayers before venturing forth with aggrandizing six figure projects .

Ed Ivanisko