Don’t crush funding

Dear Claire Trevena,

I am writing to you to tell you some of the reasons that I think you should not stop independent school funding. Personally I think that home schooling is a great way to learn and you get way more out of it. Amazingly three years ago my family and I went all across Canada on a road trip learning about and exploring our wonderful country. Since we were homeschooled it allowed us to go to Costa Rica for a month and work at an animal rescue centre and learn Spanish.We are registered with an independent school and if you stop funding my amazing teacher Mrs.Mackesy may lose her job and I might not be able to be home schooled any more. Because my mom has so much more one on one time with me and my brother it helps us understand and learn different subjects quicker and more effectively. These are some of the reasons that I think that you should not stop independent school funding.

Here are some facts about home schooling in B.C.

-BC currently has over 80, 000 students attending Independent Schools across the province.

-Independent Schools only receive $359 million out of the $4.6 billion education budget.

-Independent Schools only receive 35% to 50% of the per student funding that public schools receive.

-Independent Schools educate 13% of the province’s students on less than 6.5% of the education budget.

-This per student savings by the province is used to supplement public education.

-Independent Schools receive $0.00 for capital purchases. (Land, buildings, desks, computers, whiteboards, etc.)

-Independent School parents pay their full share of Education taxes without accessing their full share of student funding.

So if you really look at it the government would have to spend more money to send us to public school than to keep us in Independent Schools. I would like to be able to learn at home with the same amount of funding and resources as public schools, and to have the right to be educated in the comfort of my own home! Because I am home schooled i can learn from a Christian point of view that supports creation.


Nathan Munro. Grade six student, Campbell River. B.C.