Disappointed in mayor’s actions

This is just a reaction of someone in this democratic society who got out voted

I am disappointed in the actions of our mayor; he is not only airing out our laundry to the world and helping the business and people to decide not to move to this great city of Campbell River.

This is just a reaction of someone in this democratic society who got out voted and did not like the outcome. He made promises to the people that even the most uninformed people knew were impossible dreams.

He started this campaign slamming the old councillors and did it all the way through right till the end when he was standing in the council room and when he saw that he had won and the four incumbents got elected too, and said out loud “those are the people I did not want to work with.” These are not words from a smart man I would say.

Yes, I agree, in some ways, running the city like a business, but it’s not the same because the people in this city have a say, not like running a business and whatever you say or do the people below you just have to eat it and keep smiling.

If the mayor wants to be a dictator, he is in the wrong country. He needs to realize that the people that he is slamming are there because the people of Campbell River voted them there and have faith in them to do the best for the city.

I as a taxpayer here will suck this increase up and hope that the mayor and council will start working together and find ways to lower my taxes for the future.

The mayor’s way is not a positive solution and he needs to rethink his ways and work for tax cuts for the future and be a team player.

Tim Samuels