Dear Premier: a responsible leader will correct a mistake

To proceed with the mining/productions and export of any green house gases is any indication of either ignorance or willful ecocide

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Dear Premier Christy Clark,

Re: Special Sitting  – LNG

In view of the latest developments and information from international world leaders that action must be take forthwith to mitigate further climate change I’m utterly appalled by you and your government’s plans to proceed with the production and export of LNG.

As a leader of a government, to proceed with the mining/productions and export of any green house gases is any indication of either ignorance or willful ecocide.

You are not aware of the increased magnitude of the tornadoes/hurricanes on land and at sea during the last three years?  Are you not aware of the heat waves in Europe, Africa, Indian subcontinent, Australia and in North/South America? Each heat wave is killing hundreds people and putting the harvest of food in jeopardy for many thousands more! Are you not aware of the incredible flash floods all over the world not to mention here in Canada in the last two years? These floods cause millions of dollars of damage.

But if you are aware of these facts, I ask you: how in good conscience can you proceed with your LNG program unless you are willing to put the livelihood of your own son and his generations in serious jeopardy?

We have reached the tipping point already. The saturation of the green house gases in the atmosphere has exceeded the absorption rate by the oceans and forest growth.

We must stop any further production and emissions of all GHG or we will face an irreversible world catastrophe.

Therefore I would suggest that you re-direct your attention to the production of Clean Energy? Encourage growth on innovative projects that help increase employment like solar power, wind power, and geothermal power. Encourage BC Hydro and the Native people to the harnessing of the Tidal power in the Discovery Passage. It would be an undertaking with no environmental damage. It would produce clean energy for each 8 hours while the tides come in or goes out. I don’t need to remind you: even the Egyptian used this kind of power 3000 years ago.

In respect to the C-Site dam project I have to state, that it is not an acceptable renewable energy project.

It causes irreparable damage to the environment and more importantly it is a planed theft and crime against the Native People. Further there is the question of a reliable water supply in the near future. Thus this project is objectionable from many points of view.

Similarly the construction of export facilities on the West Coast for the use of any fossil fuel products is a totally wrong approach. Any of these docking facilities will serve only short term economic goals and will increase the further destruction of our environment. You must be aware that within a few years there will be international laws which will forbid the use of these harmful petrol-chemical products.

Madame, a good leader will accept the realization of havening made a mistake and a responsible leader will correct it. Your election promises were mistakes. The world has changed dramatically in the last two years the “Petrol-chemical economy” is coming to an end.

In December 2015 world leader will met in Paris. The people of the world are look to their leader to come up with solution that will forestall a world climate disaster.

You have an important role to play.

Chris Rose

Quadra Island

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