James Durand

Craving a Commute!

Spin My Ride with James Durand

Sounds weird doesn’t it?

Who actually wants to commute to work? Stuck in your car, stuck in traffic and wishing you were somewhere else the whole time…it’s never fun. Well those of us that commute on a bicycle can avoid all of that and have lots of fun.

I’ve been unable to ride my bike for the last week and therefore have been driving the car more often. As I was driving Rhyley to school today, the driver behind me was trying to pass on the shoulder, waving her hands in the air and looking very upset as I drove – reasonably – through the neighbourhoods between home and school. It got me thinking about the last time I encountered a grumpy, impatient and aggravated commuter on a bike. Oh yeah, never, because cyclists are enjoying their surroundings, getting a bit of exercise and working off stress, opposed to creating more.

I have to admit that after just one week, I am already feeling the impacts of commuting in a car. I feel less fit, less focused and my stress levels are going through the roof. Nothing else has changed except that I’m not riding my bike.

With this amazing stretch of weather and Bike To Work Week coming up soon, I hope that even more of you will leave the car at home and choose the bike for your daily commute.

This way, instead of freaking out and cursing the stranger in the car in front of you, you can enjoy your trip to work. You can ride as fast or as slow as you like and you can choose any route that suits you, whether thats a short ride directly to work or a ramble through the trails before arriving at your final destination. The benefits are endless and I guarantee you’ll feel way better mentally and physically after just a few days.

I’m still a few days away from riding again, but I can’t wait for those days to go by so I can get back on the bike,  leave my truck in the driveway again and enjoy a great blast through the trails of the Beaver Lodge Lands as I meander toward work at Swicked.


I’m James Durand and I’m Goin’ Ridin’