Containers are legit

One thing we’ve talked about is the neglect of this area of Campbell River

Containers are a legitimate tool for a legitimate job: storage.

Tax assessors also take note of their use and tax them accordingly – on  residential, commercial property.

There’s no free ride for their use.

There is a free ride going on for commercial trailers, tents of all sizes and canvas-covered frames, which are never taxed by assessors.

These could be handled through existing bylaws by the city; but are never dealt with. Some of them are a god awful eyesore. This bylaw could also be used even deeper, dealing with vehicle wrecks etc, but is, as it seems, never enforced. This same bylaw could also address containers of bad taste.

Reading Chris Osborne’s statements in the article, you would think  presently-used containers were only in Campbellton. Well I can assure you the area is far bigger then he would like you to think.

Containers are a very useful tool; for not only industrial business but all businesses (on commercially-zoned land). It is bound to hurt the businesses of Campbell River if this goes ahead.

Business is still not that rosy around here – leave it alone! I know of two businesses going out of business and I am sure there will be more in the New Year.

A quote in the article was “Osbourne also pointed out the use of shipping containers runs contrary to the goals of the Campbellton Neighborhood Association which is working to beautify that end of town.”

Well I can assure you containers have never been discussed in the last two years by this group as I’m one of the delegates. What has come up I can assure you is the neglect of this area for years and years by city hall. Open ditches (that you could lose a large vehicle in) no sidewalks, curbs, pedestrian crossings, poor or no lighting etc, etc.

For that comment to come out when the Campbellton Neighborhood Society is working hard to get more people behind it, was not very good logic. Not at all!

With the mill shut down presently, Campbellton pays the Lions share of business property taxes in Campbell River. Campbellton presently has the majority of the biggest wage earners also.

I hope everyone at city hall has a serious look at their “New Years Resolutions” instead of looking through rose colored glasses.

Ted Arbour

Campbell River

PS- Don’t forget that city hall is trying to make them selves exempt for the use of containers for their properties such as RCMP, ice arena, schools etc., etc.