Climate change naysayers produce the most greenhouse gas

OUT ON A LIMB: Once Harper gets rid of all those scientists, all obstacles to the “truth” will be gone

There’s a bandwagon filling up with people who are convinced that global warming is a hoax perpetrated by conniving or deluded green zombies.

It’s reflected in the gutting of Canada’s scientific capability by the federal government.

For some reason science has become the enemy of the political right and they’re not afraid to act like Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge regime of the 1970s which relocated urban residents and forced the country to revert to a strictly agrarian society – killing millions in the attempt. Except in Canada in 2014 it’s the pocket protector pencil necks that are the embodiment of evil in our society, according to Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s regime.

How sinister it all looks. Here’s a prime minister who is orchestrating a campaign of gutting his biggest obstacle: educated scientists who once put Canada at the forefront of progressive development in the western world but who are now looking at unemployment cheques.

There’s an ironic twist for you, cut the federal deficit by putting on federal unemployment the very people whose product drives Canada’s economic development.

Harper wants to get rid of these federal scientists because they keep bringing up inconvenient truths about the oil development sector that keeps the prime minister in a job. The naysayers are just scientists who continually chant the climate change mantra.

The bandwagon is growing as people keeping looking at the bad weather on any given day and say, “It’s minus 30, how can you claim the world is getting warmer?”

That’s like saying there was a robbery at the convenience store last night, that must mean the crime rate is going up.

Another irony of this scenario is we have a mild-mannered prime minister who made his name as an economist before entering the field of politics to save Canada from itself by making it more like the United States.  And so, to the United States we go…

There’s a brilliant segment by satirist John Stewart who mocks the anti-global warming faction for denying what the overwhelming scientific evidence is telling humanity: the climate is getting measurably warmer and humans are to blame.

And what’s the counter-evidence? A handful of studies that refute the vast majority of evidence….and the daily weather forecast

It takes a comedian to voice the truth and Stewart nails it: “Decades of peer reviewed scientific study can be wiped out by one cold weekend!”

The Mirror’s very own conservative political columnist is at it as well. Tom Fletcher said on this very page that polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon pollution is higher in urban areas than it is in northern Alberta lakes. It’s way more polluted in Vancouver, he says, so that proves those lakes are not polluted by oilsands development. Just because Vancouver is more polluted, it doesn’t mean Alberta’s lakes aren’t.

Once Harper gets rid of all those scientists, all obstacles to the “truth” will be gone. It’s not getting warmer. Just look at the weather forecast. Is it cold out?