City not out any taxes

Shipping containers purchased on anyone’s properties are known by the tax assessor

It’s probably time to straighten out some possible unknown facts with the general public and authorities, (that possibly don’t know), or are misinformed.

Shipping containers purchased on anyone’s properties, (residential, commercial or industrial), are known by the tax assessor.

Every two or three years they come by, “cultivating their crops,” so to speak, and take note of any shipping containers that may have appeared on your property.  Accordingly they tax assess you on the shipping container along with the rest of the property.

In late September every year, Econo Ezy Box Storage reports its stationary inventory of shipping containers on Spruce Street and Petersen Road to the tax assessor.  The reason we have been reporting yearly is business has been going down in volume and so has our shipping container inventory.

So don’t anyone think for a minute that any one with shipping containers in the community is getting a “free ride” when it comes to property taxes.  They’re not.

So lets see, is the city out any taxation?  No!  They are only out some up front fees which is beneficial to commercial property owners for a change.

I just felt it was important to put this information on the table.

Ted Arbour

Campbell River