City hall spends and collects taxes extremely well

They have to learn to not spend more money than they have coming in

In regards to Chrystal Arnet’s letter to the editor in the Wednesday, May 30, 2012 Mirror, I’d like the opportunity to pass this on.

I think you’ll find that Mayor Jakeway and at least one or two other councillors don’t have a problem with the three past projects that were done, but with what we actually got in return for our money spent on those projects.

What city hall does extremely well is collect, collect, collect and spend, spend, spend our property tax dollars. They have to learn to not spend more money than they have coming in. As a business lady, I’m sure you’ll agree with that?

Mayor Jakeway asked the Rotarians, “do you want the chocolate coated version or do you want my personal version?” They wanted the real version and they got it.

I might add Chrystal, you or anyone else have every right to go up and see or question our full time mayor. That’s why he’s there – it’s an open door.

I just couldnt visualize being mayor and not being able to speak the truth instead of chocolate coating a bad situation.

Maybe council should revisit the idea of approving any expenditure over $20 thousand, (preferably $10 thousand), and the whole affair might start to ebb.

In the meantime, I’m sure everyone is enjoying their new property tax notices they just received – pssst-ssshhh, don’t say anything! It just might be something someone doesn’t want to hear, or talk about.

Ted Arbour

Campbell River

P.S. If the minority doesn’t get support from the majority of council, then I can assure you a group of business people will be doing so.