Cell phone tower just didn’t fit

Telus' plan to put a cell tower in Campbell RIver's Willow Point Park would require bucking the rules

There has been a lot of commentary regarding the decision not to allow Telus to build a cell tower in Willow Point Park.

Most of the commentary seems to revolve around a perception that this decision was rooted in a petition of 125 people and on the unknown science of the health effects of such a tower. However, the situation, in my opinion, is very clear and has nothing to do with either of the above.

Council had an obligation to deny this proposal simply based on the zoning that currently exists for the park. The area is zoned as PA-1 (Public Areas) and subsequently contains a building height restriction of 15 metres for all other uses other than hospitals and schools (which are permitted 20m).

Therefore, the 30m pole proposed was simply not in line with the zoning. This is coupled with the obvious fact that erecting an industrial telecommunications facility in an area currently developed for parks and recreation is a clear conflict of uses for the area.

Despite what has been reported I would believe these factors were what contributed most to the decision council finally rested upon.

Mike Fowler,

Campbell River