Cats can be a nuisance

Cats should be kept indoors while birds are trying to nest and raise their young

I read the letter from the person who put the note on the roaming cat and can sympathize.

Not only are cats annoying when they dig up your garden and leave their feces but they are also one of the biggest causes of the decline in song birds in North America.

Our garden is a haven for birds but a couple of cats sneak in.

We have two dogs and the other morning they ran out and caught one of those cats.  There was a big commotion and I could see the cat trying to get over the fence. It managed to get away – unhurt. I would have felt bad if my dog had hurt or killed that cat and I would have tried to find its owners.

I did wonder if they might have blamed me even though their cat was in my yard. This is a sensitive time for birds as they build nests and raise young. Keep your cats inside and give them a chance.

-Barbara Swanston