Canada has wasted so much time


This is a copy of a letter that I sent to Rachel Blaney concerned, that I do not hear any questioning of the Liberal government policies in securing vaccines.

Canada is now in the position of a third world country depending on handouts with regards to obtaining a COVID vaccine. It looks as though South Korea will be shipping the Astra-Zenica vaccine to Canada, thus bailing the country out. The license they now have to produce Novavax will not produce a vaccine in the short term.

Canada has wasted so much time in starting to update manufacturing facilities compared with other countries, and could have had the license along with the Astra-Zenica much earlier. It is also being produced in Australia and India and I am now mightily suspicious that Pfizer and Moderna do not want the competition from the Astra-Zenica vaccine for reasons of cost with politics involved, to the detriment of Canadians.

The Bill Gates foundation has committed $89 million to the Teeside (England) Novavax manufacturing facility and with the cooperation of WHO (World Health Organisation), is to be sent to countries that just cannot afford the Pfiizer and Moderna vaccines.

It is interesting that an American company would choose the UK to develop the vaccine and to manufacture it. What with the chaos in the States under Donald Trump where they have a vaccine, but not well organised injection sites, may well be the reason for their decision to relocate manufacturing to England.

What my English family and friends are telling me that if there was an election tomorrow, Boris Johnson would retain his prime minister position because of his response to developing a vaccine, and an efficient vaccination rollout. Can this be said of our current Canadian prime minister?

Richard Shaw,

Campbell River