Can SNC Lavalin write off their fine?

In all the events of the world, we often lose track of events that happened in our own Canada.

Last year the court found one executive of SNC Lavalin guilty on charges of taking bribes and he was sentenced to eight years in prison. The other part of the sentence handed down by the court was a large fine to the company – I believe it was $200,000,000 – and a SNC Lavalin lawyer was on the TV news saying he agreed with this sentence.

My question is: “How is the fine paid, which Government ministry will be required to ensure the fine is paid and how are the citizens of Canada shown it is paid?” I have never heard anymore reference to SNC Lavalin’s fine or how it has hurt the company’s reputation. I would like to know if the fine can be called an operating expense; along with the cost of their legal team; hence, a tax credit (tax write off) for SNC Lavalin. This means that SNC Lavalin and the company executives will actually make money out of this court judgment.

I have written Rachel Blaney, MP with these same points but she has not contacted me or answered my concerns. It has not been reported if brought up in the House or the Senate.

Isn’t it incredible how after all the political influence of the Privy Council and Prime Minister J. Trudeau with this incident, keeping SNC Lavalin from receiving a criminal charge so the company could still bid on lucrative government contracts was granted by the court as negotiated by the company lawyers!

Allan Jonsson

Campbell River