Campbell River’s Big Truck Parade garners rave reviews

My wife and I live in Merville and on this evening we decided to take our two grandchildren who live in Campbell River to see the lighted Big Truck Parade.

To put it mildly, we were totally blown away by the number of beautifully-decorated trucks, loaders, buses, motorhomes, boats and emergency vehicles. Our hats go off to the people who did all this – what an extraordinary amount of community spirit.

We were part of the very large crowd in Tyee Plaza and around Spirit Square. We loved the ambience with all the volunteer groups giving away goodies, the singers, the two angels on stilts and the fire-pit.

Hope we didn’t miss out too many – you were all magnificent and we loved the evening up there !

Frank McCrindle

First time taking in parade

For the first time ever, I took in the Big Truck Parade, & I have to tell you it was absolutely awesome!!

To all who participated, in bringing this annual event to fruition, please know that your hard work & needless to say cost, were not in vain!

To put it mildly it was an outstanding job by everyone involved! The variety of vehicles and the imagination it took to bring them all to life was at times jaw-dropping.

Each one was unique & applauded by one and all who lined the streets from where I sat by the Museum.

I know it seemed like a lot of work for such a short time, but I speak for everyone when I say I look forward to seeing you next year!

Jody McConnan