Campbell River woman offers a bouquet of spring flowers to warm and caring helpers

I am writing this letter to say a big thank-you to the kind strangers who immediately came to my assistance on Jan. 30 after I tripped on 4th Ave. between Cedar and Dogwood and smashed my face full force into the sidewalk.

Thank-you to the gentleman who had been walking some distance ahead of me and came back to see if I was okay. He then asked a lady who had been a ways behind me to call an ambulance. Thanks to that lady who called 911 and gave them details.

A very big thank-you to the lady who lived close by and came out of her home to offer her assistance. Turned out she had been a paramedic for the ferries “in her past life.” That was very apparent in her professional and yet, very caring behaviour that day. Thank-you Susan. You made a very bad experience easier.

I also want to thank the paramedics in the ambulance who made me feel I was definitely in good hands. Very professional but at the same time, warm and caring.

Every day we hear of so many things that make us shake our heads and wonder how people can be so cruel. This story makes me smile (now that it doesn’t hurt so much) and be very happy to live in a place where people aren’t afraid to “get involved.”

Susan Bastien