Campbell River should consider floating homes as an option


We were heartened to see the thoughtful answers put forward by the candidates in the upcoming by-election on the topic of housing affordability and accessibility.

However, we noted that none of the candidates recognized the important role that float homes should play in providing affordable housing and in enhancing the density of Campbell River’s downtown core.

Float homes are an important component in the provision of safe and affordable housing in many water-side communities around the world. As municipalities across the globe move to develop safe, responsible and secure floating communities, they are ensuring that these affordable housing developments follow high standards of safety and environmental protection. Countries such as the Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, United States, Finland, United Kingdom, Korea and here in Canada provinces such as Ontario and British Columbia (e.g., Cowichan, Victoria and the lower mainland) host numerous floating homes and businesses.

British Columbia in general, and Campbell River in particular, are very well positioned to continue to innovate and participate in this environmentally friendly, sustainable and cost efficient housing movement. Therefore, Campbell River should seriously consider developing its extensive waterfront resources to include attractive, sustainable and ecologically sound floating communities.

Globally, waterfront development has been shown to be environmentally sensitive and, at the same time, a major boon to the economic wellbeing of the larger community. Floating communities are positive communities that can combine affordable living with commercial development and economic enterprise. Float homes are, thus, cost effective ways to enhance the larger community and business environment by allowing residents to live ecologically with nature while operating as a viable and significant part of the land-based host community.

Maureen Sargent

Campbell River

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