Build something spectacular

Pleeease, no more task forces, paid consultants or two-year stalls, most likely ending up with the same – zero.  If I remember correctly, the Campbell River public always wanted something spectacular on the 3.5 acre site.  Someone once mentioned (fancy) greenhouses, – fruits and veggies for the homeless and over flowing summer flower baskets. That would be pretty awesome too.

The city must have a drawer brimming-over with suggestions after 20+ years.   If more input is needed, put it out in the newspaper, full page, exactly what the city needs to know.  Those who care will come forward again. Maybe a group of volunteers could pass out forms on the street corners or to residents.

I would like to see a new library and tourist information centre on this beautiful property – a very modern contemporary building with lots of glass. Campbell River is an artsy mix of architecture – heritage, art deco and newer styles. Why not make a statement with the addition of a (very) contemporary style complex on this site?

Mary Teer