Broom removal ‘unacceptable’

Broom bashers are removing broom but not responsibly picking up after themselves

As there seems to be a vendetta against the proliferation of the non-native Broom plant, I’m somewhat surprised to find on my walks, especially the trail on Jubilee Parkway, that where this plant has been hacked down, the bushes are then just dumped and left.

The reason given for getting rid of this plant is because it prevents the native species from growing as the Broom spreads and chokes other plants out of existence.

So is it not counter productive to dump this stuff on top of the plants that are growing in the ditches and along the hedgerow?

Last year’s dumped bushes are still there and nothing can grow where they are piled up all along the trail.  Apart from anything else, these black piles are unsightly and personally, I would prefer that the things are left alone if whoever chops them down can’t then be bothered to take the bushes away.

I don’t care if it’s city workers or the Greenways Trust who leave this waste behind, the fact is these piles of dead and dying bushes must be disposed of in the proper way, doing half the job is unacceptable.


Jane Davies

Campbell River