Black widow warning for Ocean Grove area

We have found an strain of black widow spiders in our home

We have found an strain of black widow spiders in our home and noticed a few around the vents to the outside.   Black widows are rare in Bristish Columbia but we do have them.   Might be a good idea to keep an eye out for them.   Be aware also that immature black widow’s red area is not as distinict but there is still some tell tell markings to look for.

Jessica Goodwin

Campbell River


Where was the government?


While the public is stuck with ICBC as it’s insurer, ICBC CEO Jon Schubert earned $486,541 in pay and bonuses.  Was government not keeping an eye on what was happening?

With his resignation and interim president and CEO Mark Blucher, I sincerely hope that things get better for us as taxpayers.  We have lived here for over 10 years, never reported an accident or bought a new or luxury vehicle and yet this year we were hit with a $20/month increase.  WHY?

This is indeed a scathing audit that shows the ballooning of senior managers and their meteoric pay increases and bonuses.

When will the paying of bonuses to mangers end.  ICBC is a monopoly and managers are paid for doing their JOB, so why are they given bonuses?

Any profits should be returned to the taxpayers as it used to be, not paid to managers in bonuses OR to have the government siphon off the profits for their own use.

Judy A. Campbell

Campbell River


Should ferries be treated like highways?


The operating cost of ferries is an important distinction from highways.

The solution to the perceived problem could be to allow BC Ferries to go bankrupt, so the sunk costs can be written off, and allow a new operator to take over the distressed fleet and reset fares and services outside the distorting political influence of government subsidies. Water and sewer provide a precident for good management of public services. These are essential services that use costs to control supply and demand.

Chuck Howard