Beg you to reconsider trail closures

It is hard to fault someone for being cautious, but I am writing to express my disappointment in so many recreational trail systems being closed to the public. I wonder whether the decision makers have considered that:

  • we all need to get out and be active every day. It is crucial for our physical and mental health.
  • most of the time we are on these trails, we are not just 2 metres from others – we are 20, 200 or even 2000 metres from other people
  • getting exercise outdoors is a mere fraction of the risk from infection of going to the grocery store
  • the more trails get closed, the more pressure is put on the remaining ones, and the closer contact between users.

I would beg those responsible to consider education instead of closure. Post large signs explaining what behaviours need to be followed. Let us get out and enjoy ourselves in this beautiful area we call home.

Tim Fairbank

Black Creek