Article is stone-aged, head-in-the-sand

In my understanding of unnecessary ‘hate’ comments, this would be up at the top of the list

Wow! I am very offended by the article “Hippy Science is Easy, and Wrong” (BC Views, Wed., Jan. 21).

I’m not a Hippy, but I do fully understand the derogatory inference of the opinion in this article.

In my understanding of unnecessary ‘hate’ comments, this would be up at the top of the list.

After mulling over what I would say to the grossly prejudiced statements made by the author, I can barely bring myself to mention the errors. Really Tom?

Reading online, over the incensed remarks of those who had something to say, including a ‘rationalist’ (supposed) person’s retorts.  Oh my!

The article is stone-aged, head-in-the-sand to say the least.

There is way too much scientifically-based information out there to dispute this writers hateful remarks on a legitimate, alternative/prevention-based medicine protocol, for an article like this to be deemed acceptable reporting, or freelance opinion.

This was stomping over a scientific area of health that has taken numerous years, and millions of dollars to obtain evidence of harm, from say, pesticides, GMOs, and certain vaccinations – not to mention the large sums of money for those professionals to earn their degrees to research and practice naturopathic medicine.

Many people rely on conventional medicine for a good reason. I do. But, I also rely on preventative medicine, as all wise people should do.  It is not as some consider – just a fad.

Those, who, with prejudice, stomp on that which they haven’t seriously considered, or desired, have not taken the time to fully understand or implement healthful practices in their lives for optimal health.

I truly was embarrassed for the writer of this article.

I am pretty sure professionals in the area of naturopathic medicine and research are shaking their heads at this assault.

I just don’t know what else to say. Shameful.

I feel sorry for the people who may have read the article and been misled, yet could be helped by having knowledge of legitimate, alternative, naturopathic medicine.

I would encourage people to be conscientious of their ability to prevent many illnesses in their lives, with simple every day life style changes, and awareness of some dangerous environmental factors.

It’s no secret that we are all challenged with these things.

Debbie Williams

Campbell River