Appalling handling of snow and ice on highways and city streets


I would like to take this opportunity to express my concerns and anger over the obvious lack of respect and knowledge for winter road conditions in this area.

In particular, how the City of Campbell River and Mainroad Contracting care for our streets and highways. In particular, Monday (Jan. 3) morning was especially poor, with hard, frozen snow left in the middle of streets that most cars can’t navigate and the entire town covered in black ice,

This black ice was the cause of an accident which saw my wife miraculously walk away from as she was driving north on the Inland highway 300 metres short of Jubilee Parkway where she lost control on a 1/2 km long skating rink that one could barely stand on. She is safe but the truck I searched for for over three long years is now a complete write-off.

I understand winter conditions all too well, having grown up in Eastern Canada and having read the local forecast, I knew what was likely. Monday morning’s conditions were common place on the East Coast. But did the road crews not read the forecast? The highway, even at a reduced speed, was incredibly dangerous.

Even Dogwood, a main arterial road was a skating rink. Absolutely appalling!

Ed Allen

Campbell River

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