Alder parking a problem

The implementation of the four-way stop at Merecroft and South Alder has slowed traffic considerably

To the residents of South Alder Street:

My home is situated on the “water side” of South Alder, which means we have no proper sidewalk, only a small dirt path on our side of the street.

The implementation of the four-way stop at Merecroft and South Alder has slowed traffic considerably. Unfortunately, what hasn’t changed (but really needs to) is the dangerous practice of residents parking their cars on this small pathway. When there are bushes or fence along the property, pedestrians are then forced onto the road.

Why are cars more important than the child delivering your newspaper, or the person walking to the bus stop? Here are two key thoughts to keep in mind the next time you park your car:

a. Danger. There is a real risk for pedestrians along this stretch of road. The little dirt path provides some measure of safety from traffic. Don’t take it away;

b. Traffic calming and property value. A slower South Alder is good for property values. Parking your car on the road facilitates traffic calming, i.e. the slowing down of vehicles. A wider road encourages speed.

I sincerely hope that the my fellow residents will take this message to heart. Cars belong in driveways or on the road.

We need to do more to keep pedestrians safe, this is a good place to start.

PS: Since the four-way stop was implemented at Merecroft and South Alder Street, the traffic is noticeably slower.

Crossing this intersection is so much safer. Prior to the four-way stop, cars would regularly “miss” the pedestrian crossing signal and drive right through the intersection.

My family members and I use this intersection daily.

So, hopefully the city will keep it!

Vanessa Bramhill

Campbell River