Accident waiting to happen on Alder Street/Shoppers Row intersection

I was almost hit by a bus while waiting at the bottom of Alder Street

Re: Alder Street /Shoppers Row intersection.

I do not like to complain, but I feel an accident is going to happen if changes are not made to the Alder Street/Shoppers Row intersection.

One morning at 8:20, I was almost hit by a bus while waiting at the bottom of Alder Street. I was stopped before the crosswalk lines, and yet despite my driving a Honda Fit (which is a very small vehicle), if I had not put my car in reverse and backed up the hill, the bus would have hit me while trying to turn up onto Alder.

I do not blame the bus driver, as he had nowhere to go while trying to turn, and he was very quick to slow down while I reversed for him. However, this would not have been possible if there had been any traffic behind me coming down the hill, as I had to reverse a cars length of space to let him through.

I’ve had numerous close calls with larger pickups and SUVs trying to turn as it is, and we are still in the midst of relatively good weather and daylight. What happens when the darker winter months, along with ice and heavy rains come?

While I appreciate that things take time, this needs to be dealt with now. The city has done nothing despite the mayor himself bringing it to their attention. Does someone have to be badly injured, and sue the city for them to act?

Jeff Drost

Campbell River