Abolish golden handshakes

Filed for publication with the Mirror:

Mayor Cornfield & Councillors:

In recent years there have been several examples of employees who have been terminated with a golden handshake.

We note in local papers that a new city manager has recently been appointed.

Since we assume there are no currently unsigned personnel contracts, this is an opportune time to abolish clauses that provide bonuses at termination of employment whether by resignation, retirement or being fired.

Inducements of any sort, other than a competitive salary, should not be required to attract good employees to our fair city.

Remember Campbell River is a good place to live, work and retire. Council needs to walk this talk. There is an element of unfairness when selected employees receive these special motivations.

There is no evidence whatsoever that a golden handshake has or will produce measurable benefits to the citizens who pay for them.

The vast majority of Campbell Riverites recognize that it is a privilege to serve their community, their province and their country in whatever way they can.

Observe the motivation of the many people who volunteer in one role or another.

This council has the opportunity to set new guidelines so the taxpayers are not burdened with unforeseen expenses.

Now is the time to let Campbell River set a new trend and other cities and towns will follow.

Geoff & Freddie Goodship

Lance & Eileen Klaasen

John & Nancy Wersching

Gary & Velma Bergman